About us

Who We Are

Yamu’s Panchayat is a paan shop that was founded in the 1950s by Mr. Tikam Chand. It started as Prince Paan Center and has since expanded its offerings to include flavored paans, digestives, mouth fresheners, cigars, chuski, flavored suparis, and lemonade.

Our Specialties

The shop is known for its specialities such as AamPaan, Butterscotch Paan, ElaichiPaan, and BelaBaharPaan, and it also offers a variety of chocolate-flavoured paans. Yamu’s Panchayat prioritizes customer satisfaction and charges reasonable prices for its products. The shop ensures that its paans are 100% tobacco-free and maintains strict hygiene standards.

We Are Expanding

Our company is now 26 years young multicrore industry with 12 outlets all over India. Our mission is to upgrade the paan eating status all across India and also introduce this rich tradition globally. We keep inventing exciting varieties of paan that are a treat for your taste buds. In the entire mission we now have 12 outlets all over India

Our Products

Highest Quality Paan & Mukhwas


All our items are self-prepared under the instruction of trained staff with proper hygiene standards.

100% Natural

All our ingredients are 100%natural and self-prepared.

Creativity we own

Every time you come to get a new surprise paan waiting for you

Modern Farm

Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

Alway Fresh

We focus giving you a refreshing experience with every paan, for this, we prefer using the freshest ingredients only


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

Benefits of Eating Paan

Improved digestion

Paan Patta is packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin. Chewing Paan stimulates the salivary glands, which leads to an enhanced digestion.

Relief in constipation:

Paan leaves have kshara guna, an alkaline that neutralises pH imbalances in the stomach and intestines. Betel leaves are full of fibres; hence they ease out constipation. So, you can say goodbye to your tummy troubles by consuming these leaves every day.

Maintenance of oral hygiene:

Betel leaves have some important antimicrobial properties which counter poor oral hygiene. The oil from paan pattas keeps bad breath away and adds freshness. Chewing off a little amount of paan leaves after a meal can fight off gum pain, swellings, toothaches, etc.

Protecting the circulatory system

Betel leaves are power packed with a range of antioxidants. They have a typical Katu and Tikta rasa (bitter and pungent taste), which helps generate warmth in our body and boost Ushna Virya (potency). Thus helping in increased blood circulation and easy flow of nutrients.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Paan pattas are a treasure trove of anti-inflammatory compounds which can ease your deep-rooted inflammations and give relief. A rich blend of spices like saunf, elaichy, cardamom together with paan pattas can boost up your immune system.